List your place

'List your place' on the Nights2stay web site. If you have ever sold anything online you should find filling in the template very easy. We will guide you throughout the process and you can enter details about your property. You can change these details at a later date so don’t worry. When you are happy with the details you want to list a member of our team will review the listing, we may offer some additional advice to help you get bookings.

You will always be in control and can change your availability quickly and easily. If you already accept guests, Nights2stay will allow you to take bookings online. That means you no longer need worry about missing out on reservations because your away from the phone.

Find a place to stay

Think about the experience. Nights2stay will offer you the chance to stay with local people. Get an insight into how local people live, this could turn out to be the trip of a lifetime. Make new friends and get to know the locals. You will also get a great deal on accommodation and what’s more you will be helping to boost the local economy by paying local people for the services you enjoy.