Responsible Hosting

We encourage hosts to think carefully about their responsibilities. Hosting offers rich experiences, but it comes with a certain level of commitment. 

Treat your guests with care and consideration. Think about what will enhance their experience. Simple things such as strong odours or untidiness can often impact first impressions. Don’t leave your guests waiting too long to gain access. A smile can go a long way and a warm welcome will make guests feel at ease.

Be a good neighbour. You may want to notify your neighbours that you will have guests staying and also ask guests to be respectful of your neighbours eg. asking them not to knock on their door to request assistance with access.

If you don't allow smoking, we suggest posting signs to remind guests. If you do allow smoking, ensure you have ashtrays available in designated areas.

Remind guests about keeping noise down. Leave a welcome pack for your guests in a prominent place and add the house rules and other important information to the pack. Please remember to add the house rules to the description in your Nights2stay profile.

Provide information on local transport links and places of interest.

If you allow pets, ensure guests are aware of any local regulations / restrictions with respect to accessing parks/beaches and clean-up policies. They will appreciate the information.

Add an emergency contact number to your welcome pack in case the guest has questions or issues arise.

Make a first aid kit easily available.

Ensure you have a clearly marked fire escape route and post a map in your home.

Review your household insurance policy to make sure you have adequate liability and property protection cover.