A brief overview of Nights2stay

Founded in 2013 and based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Nights2stay is a community marketplace where people can come to list their property for rent. We want to bring guests and hosts together and make renting your place easy. Perhaps you have a room for just one night or it could be you would like to rent your home for a month. Nights2stay wants to help match your place with someone who will appreciate staying in your property. As a new company we pride ourselves on providing great customer service. We want you to feel good about renting your property and we aim to provide an easy to use template to help you.

Booking a place should be easy

Use the home page search to find a list of properties that matches your needs. Refine the search by choosing a property type and amenities. Enter the dates you need and browse by availability. You can see the hosts profile and reviews to help you make an informed decision.

When you have decided on the place you would like to rent you can enter your payment details and send your request. The host has been asked to respond to your request within 24 hours and at that point contact information, the address of the property and other important information will be shared.

We will send both parties details of your booking immediately upon confirmation of your request. Contact your host to confirm arrival details. After the trip is over, we would appreciate if you share your experience by leaving a review.

Hosting Tips

Listing your property on Nights2stay is completely FREE. Login and complete your Nights2stay profile. List a place by uploading photos, naming a price, and setting availability. You can offer additional options and add prices using the simple template. When you have completed all the details we will be happy to list your place.

Nights2stay will only take a 10% commission on confirmed bookings.

Answer guest inquiries quickly to increase bookings. Once you receive a reservation request, it is important to respond within 24 hours. Guests appreciate a quick response.

After the booking is confirmed you can contact your guest directly to confirm details. You'll be paid 48 hours after they check out. Please remember to leave a review. Your guests should be encouraged to complete a review as good reviews usually help to increase bookings.

It is important you as a host consider security within your property. Hosts should remember they have a duty to make sure they present the property in a manner that matches or exceeds the expectations of their guests.